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  • E101 Dental Autoclave
E101 Dental Autoclave

E101 Dental Autoclave

E101 Dental Autoclave

Class B LED
Capacity: 17L/22L
Voltage: 220V/110V
Power: 1800W
Nice design and friendly operation interface
Open type water reservoir
Open type water tank, easy to clean
big capacity: 3.5L clean water tank, 5L waste water tank
with water quality sensor, detect water quality

Stainless steel 304 one piece chamber, no welding.

Cleaning function:
Every 100cycle machine remind cleaning cycle.
B&D indicator and leak indicator flashing.
Press SELECT for 5S, B&D and leak indicator goes on, press START to start cleaning.

Drying time adjustable
Adjust the drying time depend on instruments.
Before start the cycle, press DRY button, select dyring time.
Default drying time is 10Min. You can choose 1min or 5min.
It's most efficiency way for no need dried instrument.

Testing function
1) B&D test, steam penetrability testing
2) LEAK test (leakage),  test the seal performance of chamber.

Two kinds record
1) Micro printer: optional, print cycle data after cycle finished
2) USB: Main board store 2000 fresh cycle data, use USB to download the data.
You can view all the information through computer or print it out.

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