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  • E103 Dental Autoclave
E103 Dental Autoclave

E103 Dental Autoclave

  • Product Item : E103
  • Category: Dental Sterilization
  • Views:891
  • Certificate: CE/ ISO
  • Volume: 12L/18L/23L
  • Power: 220V/50HZ ( Can Supply other Power)
  • Class: B Autoclave
  • Product description:Dental Autoclave
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E103 Dental Autoclave

1. Class B autoclave
2. Automatic running
3. Adjustable sterilizing time
4. Quickly sterilize
5. Can keep temperature for next quickly sterilizing.
6. B&D Test
7. Helix test passed
8. Easy to maintains
9. Easy to operate

Technical Parameter:

Volume: 18L

Chamber Size: 25*35cm

Display: LED

Weight: 49kg

Dimension: 66*44.5*39cm

Power: 220v/50hz 1.7kw

Volume: 23L

Chamber Size: 22*45cm

Display: LED

Weight: 52kg

Dimension: 70*44.5*39cm

Power: 220v/50hz 1.7kw

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